The Nagler Agency

Messaging. Media Relations. Marketing. Product Launches. Positioning. Philanthropy. We help define and refine your story. We elevate your voice. We leverage the power of context and concepts. We stay primed on all things related to you and what you do, crafting and delivering your message with authenticity and currency. Our contacts and strategic partners are the best of the best, and they’re all on speed dial. We don’t believe in degrees of separation…relationships are a part of our DNA. We work with our friends,  colleagues and  clients to develop creative programs and partnerships that make people want more.

Our specialty? People, Places & Things.

  • Amusements: Art, Entertainment & Sports
  • Consumer Products: Luxuries, Toys & Treats
  • Food & Beverage: Bistros, Delicacies & Libations
  • Innovators: Authors, Experts & Rising Stars
  • Lifestyle: Beauty, Fashion & Fitness
  • Locations: Real Estate, Retail & Travel
  • Philanthropy: Alignments, Fundraisers & Sponsorships


Diane Nagler, Founder & Chief
The Nagler Agency

Photo Courtesy Zorn Photo, makeup by Lulu Devil.

Photo Courtesy Zorn Photo, makeup by Lulu Devil.

Diane Nagler is known for building successful communications programs for lifestyle brands in wellness, hospitality, beauty, fitness, fashion, entertainment, and more. Once the marketing director for an international sports architecture firm, she’s since run PR for a renowned national jeweler, served as media buyer and promoter for World Championship Wrestling, represented one of the beauty industry’s leading educators and favorite Shear Genius(es), and helped a savvy entrepreneur bring yoga to the masses. Today, she works with innovators, visionaries and influencers in both the for-and-non-profit sectors, raising brand visibility and awareness with creativity and flair.

Nagler has been responsible for both launch programming and rebranding initiatives for celebrated restaurants and lounges, distilleries, boutiques, spas, yoga, pilates and fitness studios. She’s promoted multiple beauty lines, award-winning spirits (including a prosecco seen on Today with Hoda & Kathy Lee for 9+ minutes), the best cold pressed juice in the west, gourmet chocolates, infant and child products, luxury watch brands and an outdoor survival school (the one that Tom Hanks how to “Cast Away.”) Her clients are entrepreneurs and thought leaders, chefs and restaurateurs, fitness gurus, beauty experts, artists, authors, designers and doctors; they’re also destination resorts, doggy day-cares and luxury real estate developers. Nagler’s relationships and tailored approach to the ever-changing media landscape has yielded real results, securing significant coverage in outlets including American Way, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and all in between.

The Nagler Agency team includes social media gurus, gifted writers, media relations experts and strategy savants.

We’re recognized for our persistence, also known as “grit.” Calvin Coolidge once said, “…persistence and determination are alone omnipotent. The slogan, ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

We’re honored to have earned this reputation, and use it to help YOU and YOUR business thrive.